Injustice is the biggest global security threat


  • The technology has passed the threshold of giving a single individual the global-scale destructive capabilities that were only available to governments just a few decades ago.
  • Injustice could be the primary cause that can push an individual resorting to use those capabilities. Hence, we must address it at a global scope.
  • The changes we have to make touches on a broad scope of topics, from the way we govern to the way we provide justice, form the way we do trade to basic freedoms we take for granted today.
  • We must act now.

Remember the questions I asked in “Drawing the line“? The potential answers that I had in my mind -in the deepest, darkest corners of it- and what that mind is capable of; and knowing that there are thousands, if not millions out there who are capable of the same things; and knowing the correlation between losing access to your child and the suicide rates  are the reasons why I am doing this exposé:

I am very well aware of the fact that what I am saying here will sound more than outlandish, more than fiction-esque, or even worse to the great majority of the public, to those who hasn’t been involved in the world of high-tech industry or science. I will bear those label if that’s what’s required, because someone has to.

You either don’t take me seriously and call me names, or freak out and call me names, or see me as an opportunity, learn from my experiences and take corrective measures. It is all up to you, but I genuinely fear that what a single individual can do with today’s technology when stripped off of their humanity and sanity might be the end of the most of us. Thus, I have to go public with this.


Look at the very commonly referred to price of technology chart below:

This chart applies to almost any technology. As the time passes, the cost of technology goes down, and it goes down dramatically. Imagine the cost of the first computer and how it compares to the computer in your pocket today, from both capability and price perspective. If you flip this chart on its Y axis, what you get is a curve going up extremely fast, the curve of the destructive capabilities of an individual. Given this level of accessibility, an individual who can create and/or utilize tool/devices by using biotech, nanotech, microchips, AI, cyber security, physics, chemistry, etc. is an individual who can cause a great deal of problems for the whole world. Because no one would suspect an ordinary scientist or engineer, no one would see it coming…

This chart causes a great fear in me when I think about what myself and my daughter have been put through by the Canadian Government. What would a different person with the same capabilities do if their infant child was kidnapped by a foreign, rogue, monstrous  government if they were also humiliated, tortured, indignified, dehumanized and enslaved by that government for long years? By looking at the data provided by the Canadian Government showing the correlation between divorce rates and suicide rates, I wonder if  they would, if they could show the restraint I did. What if something were to happen to their child in captivity, something to give them the last push over the cliff of hopelessness?

Imagine a government like Saudi Arabia forcefully removing your child from your care and forcing her to live with a mentally ill parent, a parent whom you know to be violent and morally corrupt; and prevent you from ever seeing your child again by using their armed forces. Imagine the same government taking everything from you, forcing you to homelessness, forcing you to starvation, humiliating you and taking your and your child’s future away by releasing false information about you to the public. Imagine going from having a perfect life to ruins just because a third-party sees that fit for you and your child. Does your blood start to boil and mind go blank yet? Let me tell you this, whatever you are feeling is not it. That’s nothing compared to what the real feeling is. Seeing your child abused by a third-party causes a different kind of rage, a rage that goes beyond the primal survival instinct. There is absolutely nothing like the instinct of protecting your child and the monster it awakens inside you.

And now imagine this going on for long years. Imagine becoming numb, losing your humanity; suffering unimaginable things along the way because of what that government did to you and eventually losing hope. Imagine exhausting all the options and knowing that your child will be raised by an abusive, mentally ill, morally corrupt person. Imagine knowing that your child might not even survive that person’s care…


Now imagine that you have the capabilities and the means to bring that government down to get your daughter back. Imagine knowing that you can cause tens of billions of dollars financial damage and cause great suffering, or worse, to the employees of that government on a shoestring budget. What would you do? Would you go for it if you also knew that you could potentially hurt innocent people in the process?

I certainly couldn’t. More than that, I made sure that I couldn’t by screaming about it out loud, by making sure that the people who can stop me knows about the potential if I ever gave in to the madness that knocked on to my door very single day. But I know that someone will give in to that madness, someone will take the easy route and take it all on innocent people. Because it is so damn easy.

In how many ways a single individual can irreversibly damage the life on planet earth? In how many ways can a single individual take down a government? I can definitely count more than one, and I am not the most knowledgeable person around, not by a very large margin.

The Solution

There will never be a blanket solution to all the potential threats, but there are so many measures we can take to create a thick layer of protection.

We should first eliminate injustice as much as possible to not drive people to the point of madness. Thus, the starting point should be the justice system and the way we govern people. I will talk about those in more detail in a different post but, for now, I can give you a hint at least: Artificial Intelligence.

Then there is the way we do trade, the way we share knowledge and the freedoms that we take for granted today but cannot exist in the future. We keep focusing on the locally impactful issues like gun control while biotechnology labs for unrestricted public use are popping around the world, and the ingredients of disastrous technologies are being sold for dirt cheap on Ebay and the darkweb.

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